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October 2, 2009
Emma after Ben threw yogert at her; he is so mature!

Emma, after Ben threw yogert at her; he is so mature!

Monday, May 4, 2009 (back-posting)


Ben and I were married November 29 of last year. Our little flower girl, Emma, ended up stealing the show. Not only was she the cutest wedding party member, but she stole the entire Church’s heart when she sobbed uncontrollably through the entire mass.

At the end of mass, her grandma, my godmother, asked her, “Why are you so upset Emma?” To this she replied, “Lori & Ben are married now, and that means they will have babies soon, and now they won’t want me anymore.” My heart sank…

So… Ben and I decided that a slumber party was in order. Jamie and Dude were very excited to be one kid short for an entire Friday night and Ben and I were super excited to have a “practice run” of sorts with the coolest six year old that ever lived.

However, it took a good five months for us to get all of our collective junk settled in the new condo and clear out our guest bedroom which had unwillingly become “The Crap Room”.

So, Friday before last it was finally time! On my way home from work I called Jamie, who answered the phone with, “Are you on you way to pick up my monkey?” She told me that She was at home comforting a very sickly Grace but, Dude and Emma were at soft ball practice and would be all ready to go when Ben got there to pick her up.

When Ben and Emma got home we Emma wanted to see everything there was to see at our “Hotel” I had to explain to her that we did not live in a hotel. =) Then it was off for dinner at Chuck E. Cheese!

After some pizza and a few incredibly repetitive sets from the Chuck E. Cheese band we were ready for some games. Armed with enough tokens for 10 six year olds we heading to the game room.

I do not think Ben and I have had so much fun since we have been married! We quickly became completely addicted to this game where you had to stop a little light at the exact right moment to to win 200 tickets. We had to walk away about ten times because we were getting so involved with it.

After all was said and done Emma got to pick out three prizes to take home. She was more than happy with that. She picked out a tube of apple lip gloss, a purple comb and a coloring book.

By this time it was almost past Ben and my bedtime. We are old farts! We like to be in bed by nine. We headed home and put on our jammies to watch High School Musical 3. Emma had packed all three High School Musicals into her little overnight bag. Ben was Super excited!

We pulled out our massive futon, fixed some popcorn and popped in the DVD. After about a half hour, both Ben and Emma were fast asleep. I guess they just played one too many games at Chuck E. Cheese.

I am a little embarrassed to say, I finished High School Musical before tucking them both into bed. It was actually pretty good for a kids movie.

I woke up Saturday morning to a six year old sitting on me yelling, “Wake up Stinky McPherson!” What a lovely nickname. Thank you for that Dude Jones!

So, after I forced myself to get out of bed, Emma decided she wanted cinnamon toast. I think somehow I forgot about cinnamon toast. How could I ever forget! My Daddy use to make me that like every Saturday morning when I was little. So, we ate cinnamon toast and then watched The Sand Lot. What a great movie!

Emma decided that she wanted to go play with the neighbor boy, Austin but she wanted nothing to do with asking him. It was the funnies thing I have ever seen. She stood in our back yard and looked up at him on his back porch but would not talk to him. He stared right back at her and also refused to talk. Little kids are so funny.

By the time she finally got up the nerve to ask him, it was time for Ben to go help his brother and sister-in-law move furniture into their new house. I was going to babysit my little nephews, Owen and Turner, so I did not get to go with him to take Emma home.

Jamie told me later that Emma has not stopped talking about her first slumber party and that she and Jamie have decided that it should be a weekly occurrence. We shall see about that! I am thinking monthly.

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