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October 2, 2009



Wednesday, June 10, 2009 (back-posting)


He came home Monday evening and was extremely excited to tell me all about his first day in the ER. He said that it was all he had hoped and more. They let him do all kinds of things that he had been yearning to get hands on experience with. On 9T, he never got to do anything more than stare at his patients and wipe their tooshes.

So, what did they let him do on his very first day in the ER, you ask? Take a seat this one is SHOCKING and SCARY!!!

While Ben is a fourth year nursing student and has had a lot more experience than most nursing students, there are TONS of things that he has never had training in. Included in these tasks is phlebotomy. This is something you have to take a whole course in. It is a short course but none the less something that you need practice at. Kind of like CPR.

Anyway, on his first day, the ER handed over the phlebotomy kit and sent Ben on his way. He took blood from FOUR people on his first day with NO training. He also inserted multiple Foley catheters with NO training! Isn’t that a comforting thought…

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