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October 2, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 (back-posting)


So, I created this blog awhile ago but, never really got into. I love to write in journals and such but, just never really had time to post on the Internet. So here goes nothin’…

First a little about myself. Or a lot about myself… We’ll see what happens!

In May I will be 26 years old. Wow! that sounds old to me. I have been married since November 29, 2008, to an amazing man, Ben.

Ben and I have been together since June of 2005. We met while waiting tables at a restaurant called, The Mississippi Half Step. I was madly in love with him the second he walked in the door. It was freakish!

Me: Carla, check out the hottie that just walked in the front door.
Carla: Yeah, that is the new buss boy.
Me: Seriously?! He is a hottie!
Carla: He is eighteen, Lori. He is a Senior at Marquette “High School”.
Me: Seriously?! That sucks! He is still a Hottie! =)

SIDE NOTE: I was 22 at the time.

I work as a Medical Consultation Secretary for Washington University School of Medicine, Cardiology Division. What does this mean, you say?

Job description:

I support, in total, 19 Attending Cardiologist (Three of them being rated within the top five Cardiologist in the nation. one, three, and four I do believe) 2 hospitalist, and 24 fellows (Cardiologist in training). That totals to a whopping 45 physicians.

I develop, edit, and keep track of all of their calendars. On-call, hospital rounding, CCU attending, Firm attending, vacation etc.. I keep track of each physician “physically” So when the hospital or someone else calls looking for them I know how to track them down; control the intake and flow of all of the pages being sent to their pagers; keep track of who, what, and where their patients are in the hospital and make sure they get payed for taking care of them; and in general, whatever they need done that their personal secretary or someone else just plain would never do. I am the go to girl. The “call Lori, she will know” girl. My job is fast pace, high stress and I LOVE it! Most of the time…

SIDE NOTE: I just got a call while posting this

Caller: I need a cardiology consultation!!!!
Me: Patient name and loca….
Caller: NO! I need a cardiologist NOW, 22 year-old patient crashing and I can not find a cardiologist…
Me: uuu… Let me page my fellow and direct connect you.


My Fellow Kris: Lori, what was up with that attending? Why didn’t she just call over the PA for me.
Me: !?!?!?…Dunno… Ya got me?!
Kris: LOL..

Well, that is my life in short. There is much more but, that will come later…

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