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New Work-Out Plan

November 8, 2009

One of the girls from Ben’s clinical group convinced me to go to her Zumba Fitness class at the SIUE fitness center.  It was only $5 bucks to get in so it didn’t sound like a bad deal.  Ben went with me last Monday and played basketball while I did Zumba.

It was HARD!!!  It was also a lot of fun though.  I went back on Wednesday and it was even HARDER!!!  Again, fun though.  On Wednesday, while surfing the net, I found out that I could join SIUE Fitness Center for only $12 a month since Ben is a student.  So, Wednesday night Ben & I bought a membership for me.  Now I have access to the whole fitness center and any classes I want to take.

I found a few other classes that sounded interesting including Spin class and Grey’s Anatomy Spin Class.  (Spin class on Thursday nights while watching Grey’s Anatomy)  I talked one of my besties, Kelly into going with me to Zumba class but she is not too into Spinning so I will have to go at that one alone.

SO, here is my new fitness plan:

Mondays & Wednesdays: Cardio Stepboxing or Jogging the track then Zumba Fitness

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Pilates then Spin Class

Every Weekday (early morning or late night): Do a WiiFit Body Test


  1. Stick to my Turkey sandwich for lunch (with the exception of my Thursday “cheat day” Philly Cheese Steak with potato chips)
  2. Stick to NO Coca-Cola at work.
  3. Have Jimmy Johns for dinner on work-out nights
  4. Cook more instead of eating out on weekends
  5. Loose weight and tone up.  (no weight goal yet.  Does not matter, just loose some!!)

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