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TV this week

November 18, 2009

Gossip Girl

  • OMG!  Serena & Trip, really??? Are you serious???  This has got to stop!
  • Not so into Hilary Duff’s character.  I really hope she is really leaving this time.
  • Quit with the Dan & Vanessa thing.  It is so never going to work.


  • Annie, WAKE UP!!!  You are an idiot! Stop being so rude to everyone, or you will have nothing when you realize that your boyfriend really is a drug dealer.
  • Silver, so sad. 😦  She has had way to many hard times.  She needs a good, happy storyline.
  • Not really digging this, lets all feel sorry for Jen thing.  She is a TERRIBLE person.

So You Think You Can Dance

  • I am so very sad.
  • Getting rid of Channing, BIG mistake!
  • LOVE Nathan!!
  • Musical guest, Orianthi is incredible!!


  • Sarah Drew as Suzi Pepper, hilarious!
  • Finn really needs to ditch Quinn!  He is not the baby daddy, Puck is!!!!
  • Rachel and Finn, really need to get together.
  • Kurt’s crush on Finn, priceless!!
  • The last song, adorable!  LOVE IT, LOVE GLEE!
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