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Glee Made Me Cry Tonight

November 27, 2009
Move Over World, Here I Am

Move Over World, Here I Am!!

Show your true colors…

I have been watching Glee since the first night.  I have loved the show since the beginning however, tonight topped all episodes.  With all of the pressures that teens have to be just like “everyone else” this episode had one simple message.  Just be yourself…

I feel that I can truly say I have always been myself.  I may not have all the friends that some people have.  I may have never been the “popular” girl.  Yet, I am still happy; I am still me.  No one can take that away from me.

The Glee kids really make me think about what high school was like for me.  High school was not a great time in my life.  I had some really great times in my teens but, high school was HARD!  To say the least…  I love the saying, “What does not kill you, makes you stronger.”  I think that quote sums my high school years up quite nicely.

The struggles I went through in high school definitely made me who I am today.  In someway I am grateful that I had the experiences that I did.  However, I would not wish my struggles on anyone.  I remember sitting on the floor in my bedroom, with tears streaming down my face, telling my mom, “Momma, I just wish they could all feel what I feel for one day.”  That was never true though.  I would not want my worst enemy to feel the way I did.

Kids just do not realize that the things they say and do to eachother really do make an impact.  For so long I felt so alone and truly believed that I was the only teenager that had to go through the struggles that I did.  I, of course, realize now that everyone has their own struggles but when you are 15 and feel like you have no one, that just does not enter your mind.

I really wish this show had been around when I was a teenager.  I really could have used a “Keep Holding On” episode when I was going through a rough day, week, month, year.  However, I am glad that the teenagers today have such a great, encouraging show to come home to.  So, as tonight’s show so simply showed us, your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow!!

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