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The Table Is All Set

December 19, 2009

The full view

My Christmas Table

Since the babies are still so little and get into EVERYTHING, we have made the hard decision of not putting up a Christmas tree this year.  There was much debate in this decision but in the end not  putting a tree up was the most logical option.

Opening our gift from Jamie, Dude, Emma & Grace Jones. Do they know us, or what!!

Opening our gift from Jamie, Dude, Emma & Grace. Do they know us, or what!!

Last year we had two trees, an in-door tree and an out-door tree.  You can just barley see the outdoor tree peeking through the window in the back of this picture of us opening wedding gifts the Sunday after the wedding.

Next year we will definitely go all out on decorations.  Hopefully we will be in our newly remodeled house!!!  Fingers crossed!  🙂

Any-hoo, since I did not have my pretty tree I really got into decorating my table.  I used some of my UL samples to re-sticker my re-usable holiday coasters.  They turned out simple but awesome!  I also put some Christmas themed potpourri into our unity candle and set it in the middle of the table.  Uncle Stevie etched our names and wedding date onto a glass candle holder for our wedding ceremony.  We filled it with water and had a floating unity candle. It was really simple and elegant.

Ben & I picked out a really cute holiday set of place mats, table-cloth, napkins and napkin rings last year on clearance at Macy’s.  I was really excited to finally get to use them.

Here are some pictures of my finished Christmas table.









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