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Uppercase Living

December 19, 2009

Uppercase Living - Independent DemonstratorA little more than a year ago now, Ashley and I went together and bought into our UL (Uppercase Living) business.  It started off pretty slow and stayed that way for most of the year in part, I believe, due to the recession.  We did a few parties and had some small individual orders.  We managed to stay afloat but we were not seeing a huge profit by any means.

However, this is quickly changing.  As the county slowly comes out of a recession us women are doing what we do best, SHOP, SHOP, SHOPPING!!!  Ash and I are definitely feeling the end of the recession love!  Our sales are going up, up, and up steadily!

A few months back I signed up for an on-line pay account and set our website up to take credit cards.  This has proved to me a great move.  We have started to rack up the on-line orders and I am luvin it!

We are having so much fun doing open houses.  We have met so many fun and talented woman and are excited to meet many, many more!

If you would like to host an Uppercase Living party or just have a quick order please feel free to contact me or my lovely sister, Ashley.  Also, please stop by and set up an UL customer account here.

After setting up your account you can visit our awesome program called the MY DESIGN SUITE.  There are so many fun things you can do with the MY DESIGN SUITE.  You can even make large scale expressions along with your favorite family snapshots to stick on your wall or just about any other surface you can find!

We are running some great promotions now through the beginning of January.  Free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more and 40% off of many of our amazing holiday expressions.  You have to stop by the website to get all the details of these fabulous deals!

Lori B. McPherson & Ashley McPherson

independent demonstrators for Uppercase Living

Lori 618.972.9494

Ashley 618.920.0073

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